Thursday, 9 August 2007

More than just a fair price

Just one more thing before I sign off for a while – a few words on fair trade.

Having just seen all the wonderful things a fair trade does for communities I am compelled to give you the hard sell on fair trade products.

Whenever possible I urge you to buy fair trade products. Not only do the growers receive a better price for their crops, they are also part of something much more long term. The fair trade movement keep communities together, they provide training, encourage organic production where possible and assist with crop diversification so farmers aren’t relying on just one crop for their livelihoods.

They also provide a social service specifically with regard to women. Through education they empower women; to be independent, giving them the confidence and the opportunities to form cooperatives on their terms with other women. They teach about relationships, sexual abuse, drugs and alcohol awareness. Some of this may sound patronising to us in the developed world, but in a country where state education is basic, and social workers are unheard of, many people in these remote communities are often unaware about the age of consent or that sleeping with a relative – and in many cases family members – is illegal. Fair trade strives to improve the life of farmers and their families wherever it can.

Buying fair trade is one easy way you can do some genuine good in the world.


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